Heifers is an ongoing web serial about, well, not really heifers. It's about cowgirls; no, not cowpokes, think catgirls. Even more specifically, think the dumb trope where catgirls are treated as pets despite clearly being human in every way that matters, plus most of the ones that don't. That, but with cows.

Silly premise, but the story takes it seriously. That means it involves things like slavery, kidnapping, violence, and bad things happening to children. It's not gratuitous, I wouldn't say, but it's supposed to be heavy.

If you would like to start reading it, the first page is here.

There's no update schedule for this story, and probably won't be. Pages will be posted as they're finished, and added to the list here. Also, all the writing and what little art there is (backgrounds, favicon, there's no illustrations) is by me.

Chapter 1 6/20/2021

Chapter 2 6/20/2021

Chapter 3 6/20/2021